No More Cheese

One of the number one things that is hard during a session is helping people look natural on camera. Here a few quick and easy tips that can help clients relax and not look so stiff.

Shake It Out

For kids I tell them to literally shake it out. I myself will wiggle my arms and shake my head and I might look ridiculous but after kids do it they will laugh a little and smile.

Be a Comedian

Sometimes on a session I feel like I am doing stand-up trying to get people to relax. Lots of people come into a session pretty nervous and the best thing I can do to help them relax is simply talk with them and crack jokes. I might feel like a nut but it really does help people relax and give natural smiles.

Tease a Little
Talk and playfully tease your clients for kids or teenagers I will usually ask them something like "So are their any (boys/girls) in school that you like?" "Being as cute as you are, I'm sure you have a (boyfriend/girlfriend), right?" This usually leads to smiles and shy giggles.

Have Your Clients do Something

It doesn't really matter what you are having them do, just have them do something, walk around, jump in place, and make sure to capture their reaction after!


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