Finding Inspiration

As a photographer I think it is really important to make sure you are shooting for your self from time to time. And not just shooting your kids as they play out side. Or any candid event that you are already there for. Push your self in coming up with something as unique and as creative as possible. Try to push past what you are normally comfortable with. Or do something you have always wanted to do, but haven't. If there is a style you really love but haven't done, what's stopping you from doing it?

I made a huge list of New Years resolutions and I am happy to say I have fulfilled a lot of them. But one of them was being more creative in my photography, and that hasn't quite been fulfilled to the extent I am wanting.
My style in shooting and editing has changed in ways I am really liking but I have only done one shoot that was totally unique, loaded with creativity, and something I have never done before.

But over the next few months I have at least three sessions I am working on that my goal is to make them as unique as possible.

So... Finding inspiration. Pinterest is honestly my #1 way of finding inspiration, and I have no doubt that's the case for lots of photographers. It's extremely easy to search, share and collect.

I also recommend getting out. Searching for a location tends to be very inspiring. I can see place where I will have the subject, different angles and poses we can work with. Movies are great for inspiration too. Just try not be an exact copy of what you find. 

I have a couple who is wanting to do 007-James Bond themed engagements. I love the idea, and I love that they are wanting to be as creative as can be. The goal is to be sharp, stylish and sexy. So here is what I have come up so far;

A nice suit is going to be a must for the groom, preferably black, with a black tie. Not to forget the pocket square.

Later in the session we will dress it down lightly by loosing the tie and opening up the shirt a bit;

For the bride, one LBD (little black dress) and a sexy lace or red dress;

Red lipstick is a must;

In regards to the location, I found this session that was mainly shot in swanky bar, love it!

I understandably have a few sessions I am working on that I am not openly sharing. Rather then collecting things on Pinterest, I just have a file on my computer with photos of inspiration.

What do you find helps get your creative juices flowing?


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