Tuesday Tips

If you are a photographer and you are not watching the Framed show, you are missing out! The Framed show is a free online show talking all about photography! They have just started season 3 (yeah, you are behind if you haven't heard of it before). They have also announced that they are now the Framed Network and feature other shows, Lit Up, Photo Pro, and Film. They also do tons of giveaways and contests, all the time!

Their latest episode, was with photographer and founder of Help-Portrait Jeremy Cowart.

First I just have to say I love the map in his house that is behind them during bits of the interview. So in love.
Some great points from the video;

Create everyday, and be open to inspiration. Keep shooting to stay inspired.
You don't have to exactly stick to one style. The video shows him working on extremely unique art pieces, as well as shooting a gorgeous model. A lot of times in my head I will think oh, I would love to create this unique session, but it is so far from my normal style. But just because it's not my usual style, doesn't mean I still can't do it.
"Everything we type on the internet is searchable". Our future generations will be able to learn about our lives like no other generations have been able to be before. What is the legacy you are leaving behind?
More than ever it's harder to be a photographer. With digital, any one can create a pretty picture. It's not about good work anymore, it's about unique work.

I will admit I lost a bit of respect in the guy when he pulled out and starting shooting the session with his iPhone..... Uncool... Uncool...

Another episode that has been one of my favorites was Tanja and Tia, a photographer + stylist team from season 2.

These girls are so goofy and adorable and so fun to watch. And now you can watch them every week

Some great points from their video;

Make your client feel great in their own skin. Never say "That's not working." It's all personal for the person that is in front of the camera. Just say, "Let's try...."
Tanja shoots with film. So every time she clicks the shutter, it costs $2 to develop that image. So each photo must count. Take the time to get it right in camera, and shoot purposefully. Even though I shoot digitally, I work to not click the shutter unless the photo is one I will actually use.
Don't let your client sense any stress. Only allow positive energy at a session.
Don't compare yourself to other photographers.
Not everyone is your client. Not everyone will like you. Have faith that the people who are supposed to cross your path, will.


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