Posing - Tuesday Tips

Posing is one thing I feel both clients and photographers struggle with. A lot of times a client simply won't know what to do with their body which will obviously result in awkward pictures. There are lots of posing guides out there with plenty of helpful tips in directing clients.

First, is relaxing. If your client is tense and over thinking it, it will show. It is also very important thing to keep moving. Hold a pose for a couple clicks then move for a different shot. A big model in today's fashion industry is Coco Rocha who is a queen of poses. She is loved for being essentially a performer on stage, being full of expression and unique poses. She was once on America's Next Top Model and she advised to simply move move move.

See her 50 poses in 30 seconds video

For children I let them be free. Lots of the time they will create adorable posses by themselves. Talk with them, play with them, and let the magic happen.

For teenagers it's most important for them to relax. Again, talk and joke with them and help make them feel comfortable in their own skin. And with senior girls avoid being too sexy in posing!

For couples, again relaxing is a must. I always tell them just to be cute and cuddly as if they weren't in front of a camera. I also try to channel "movie moments". If you think about your favorite chick flick there are guaranteed tons of oober romantic poses you can try to recreate.

For families my favorite go to pose is a big group hug and usually that is their favorite photo. I tell everyone to squeeze as tight as they can and lots of big genuine smiles and laughs are created.


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