A Photo A Day To Take Your Breath Away

So if you have been reading the ol' blog, I have now finished my 30 Challenge and am now starting another personal challenge of.... 

a photo a day to take your breath away

I am both a professional and personal photographer and truly love photography, but I have found my self avoiding pulling out my camera when I am not being paid to do so. And I hate it. There are so many moments I miss out on because I simply don't feel like pulling out my camera. And I know there are plenty of other photographers who feel similarly, missing out on adorable moments with their children because they feel too burnt out capturing other peoples moments to worry about capturing their own. 

So I invite you to join with me in this challenge of taking a photo a day. This challenge doesn't have a strict set of rules because I don't want it to be something stressful. Simply take a picture every day and work hard to......

 Make it something involving your daily life. Don't feel like you have to make big amazing props and get together gorgeous models. This is to help you find the beauty in your daily life, and in your family. Something small and simple can be beautiful.
Work hard to include a story behind the image; a landscape of the area you live in, the first sign of snow for the winter, your children quietly playing with each other, the yummy meal your husband so sweetly made for you.
Shoot for yourself. Get your creative energies out. Sometimes it's hard to be as creative as you would like in a session. Take the time to put together a photo shoot where you are creating a piece of art for yourself at least once a month. Creating handmade props, finding unique locations... Whatever is art to you. That session you have been dreaming of but just haven't taken the time to do.
4 Don't stress. If you miss a day, that's okay. Your human. This is for fun, if it's too much of a burden to you, than don't do this challenge. 

I am not setting a specific amount of time I want to do this challenge for because I want to work on capturing something beautiful every day. You can do it just for 30 days, 60, 90, 365, but that is up to you.

Please share with me if you choose to start doing this, I would love to follow you! 

And for day 1.....

Little Henry. I get to shoot little Henry every month. I am so grateful I met him and his family! His mom is so willing to let me be creative with their sessions and I love her for that. I'll be honest, there were a few times this year I thought about stopping with my business, it's stressful! But each month little Henry is just a breath of fresh air and he is just one of the many clients I am so grateful to meet and be able to work with. 

I will be posting my daily posts at my Other Blog, please follow there!


CJ Wilkes said…
Just had to say how much I love that picture of your little one in the santa hat! Too too cute!

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