The [Framed] Show

Have you seen The [Framed] Show? It is a web based TV show that features photographers explaining what they do and how they do it.

[Lets be real. Photography is addicting. It’s an intoxicating craftiness that truly has limitless potential for those that crave the art. It is in its own world of ever-changing possibilities and is constantly evolving. With that being said, we decided to create a show. A free, weekly broadcast that captivates as well as educates. Every week we will bring different photographic talents to you that will share a piece of their wisdom, their work, their process, and their art.

[FRAMED] will take you on location to local, national, and internationally known photographers for the purpose of bringing a behind-the-scenes view of photography to your computer. All we ask of you is to share, participate and jump on the train of inspirational photography education to inspire you to be unique. Be careful, you might get addicted.]

If you have not watched the show, you should, because your are missing out! It is wonderfully inspirational and informative! They also frequently have contests going on, one of which I have just entered.

To help me win please visit the [Framed] Show Facebook page and like my picture!

Just For Laughs

To watch their episodes, visit their site []

Happy weekend!


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