My Latest Addiction

I have recently discovered and fallen madly in love with Pinterest.
It's basically just a place where people share all the cool things they find online through pictures and links. At first it's kind of confusing, but it's amazing! I have found so many cool photos, recipes, DIY ideas and products! It's absolutely inspirational!

Below is just a handful of things I have found on Pinterest...


From left to right, top to bottom; Do it yourself Ruffled wreath from a used book, simplygorgeous bed decor, adorable children's play, an outfit I am in love with, melted gouda dipping,simply - an adorable shot - miss those sisters of mine, a crochet Ewok - flipping adorable, andsome awesome globes --- a very possible soon to be created photo-shoot inspiration.

It's nothing fancy, and a possibly ridiculous waste of my time, but it makes me want to be more creative, more hands on, more decorative and more inspirational.

If you are on Pinterest, check out my page! And I would love to check out yours!

If you are not on Pinterest, you can request a invite at their home page (or I can send you an invite if you don't want to wait!)

Also..... Found this little gem on Pinterest as well.....

The Turducken of cookies.

I made a couple of these beasts tonight.... I'll post about the trip soon....


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