Help Me Out! = )

So I've been trying and trying and trying to post this post, but technology is REALLY against me this week! What is the deal!?!?! I guess it's telling me I need to get off the computer and GET OUT! Next week looks promising!!

I totally just got a horrid scrape! Random! Bleeding! Thanks to those handy dandy Twilight band-aids.

Any who... = P

I need to print new business cards. I want them to be super awesome, super unique and super memorable. But I’m such a perfectionist; this is proving to be a really hard project.

So below are my designs so far.

Picture holding one; would it be a cool business card? Memorable? Unique? Which of the ones below do you like the most? Or should I just print some of all of them?

Help me out, please!

Thanks! = o)

Anome Photo

Anome Photo

Anome Photo

The real version of this ^ one is a lot better, but I don't think Flickr agrees with it.... How frustrating. =(

You can see larger (but lower quality) versions of all these picures in this Slide Show


Wow, I just stubbed my toe and scraped it a little bit. Can we say bad luck? =(


Katie Gee said…
No comments yet?!?! I'm the first? Here's my two cents but PLEASE do what you think is best. I don't have a degree in any of this. It's just observations.

First of all, I love them all. You've done a fantastic job putting them together. And my suggestions are only that...just suggestions.

The first one is definitely an eye catcher. Makes you want to look at it more and more. Probably my favorite. But I love clouds and sun rays and sun sets and stuff like that so that might be why it's my favorite. If it were a business card the words on the bottom might be a little small? Maybe the black could be bumped up a little to make more room for the info.

The second one shows that you have a GREAT eye. And can photograph kids. It also has great color. It's hard to read the words on the bottom. Maybe a drop shadow would help? It's also missing your phone number.

The third one is good because you can see examples of what you've done and that you are a fantastic photographer. Maybe a drop shadow on these words too? It's missing your email address and phone number. (Maybe on purpose?)

Keep up the good work. You're amazing!

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