Jain and Makenzie

"That's What Happens When You Make Love To A Tree"

So I shot Jain and Makenzie together. It was super fun and I love the pictures I got out of the shoot! Both of them are super adorable and I totally love their styles! They were amazing models! They were easy to work with, up for anything, explorative, daring and pretty fearless!
If you checked out Flickr ~ like I told you to ~ (Lol) You'll notice the Title "That's What Happens When You Make Love To A Tree". Let me explain! While we were doing pictures, I was telling the girls how to pose, what to do. I told them to love the tree and jazz. In the car driving to another location Makenzie freaked out because she could feel something crawling around under her shirt and she couldn't get it out! Jain is so quick and funny and said "That's what happens when you make love to a tree." LOL!
Love those girls!
Thanks ladies! I had a blast! I hope you did too! Hopefully we can do another shoot again sometime!

"That's What Happens When You Make Love To A Tree"


Super tiny, brand new baby new born shoot soon to come!!!


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